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September 2012

Secondhand Smoke

  • The prevalence of selected potentially hazardous workplace exposures in the US: Findings from the 2010 National Health Interview Survey
  • Secondhand smoke exposure persists in multiunit housing
  • Study: Benefits of Wisconsin's smoke-free law spread from work to home (WI)
  • NALBOH offers tobacco prevention toolkit
  • ANRF releases new smoke-free lists, maps, and data
  • Michigan smoking ban didn't hurt businesses, health department study says (MI)
  • Nearly half of Ga. school districts tobacco-free (GA)
  • China, United States cooperate on smoking control in workplaces (China)
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Tobacco Pricing

  • Menthol cigarette pricing at military and community retail outlets in the United States
  • Cigarette price minimization strategies used by adults
  • Shut out of name-brand cigarettes, the Onondaga Nation will roll its own (NY)
  • Oklahoma tribal cigarette sales hit decade low (OK)
  • Tax hike cuts tobacco consumption
  • Tobacco tax hike to go before voters again (MO)
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Other Policy

  • New fact sheet on the basics of tobacco retailer licensing
  • New licensing resources available from the Center for Tobacco Policy and Organizing
  • Governor Cuomo signs bills to protect New York's youth from harmful effects of cigarettes (NY)
  • Plain cigarette packs whack (Australia)
  • Duty-free smokes crackdown to cause delays (Australia)
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Youth Prevention

  • ADHD treatment may reduce smoking risk
  • Popular kids in US and Mexico more likely to smoke, studies show
  • Eight tips for talking with youth about tobacco
  • Tobacco-free campuses: Promoting a culture of health
  • Tobacco Control Legal Consortium's new publication "Cause and Effect"
  • Limiting "teen-friendly" cigars
  • State survey finds about 10 percent of Florida teens are smoking (FL)
  • High school smoking sees big decline in Utah (UT)
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Tobacco-Related Disparities in Specific Populations

  • The role of ethnic pride and parental disapproval of smoking on smoking behaviors among minority and white adolescents in a suburban high school
  • High cigarette taxes disproportionately burden low-income families
  • State tobacco control plans: Who falls outside the plans?
  • A transnational study of migration and smoking behavior in the Mexican-origin population
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  • Federal report: Increases in quitline calls and smoking cessation website visitors during a national tobacco education campaign
  • Think about the future. Does it include quitting smoking?: Study
  • Anti-smoking campaign hopes gift cards do the trick (CA)
  • Maine petitions feds to cut Medicaid funds for smoking cessation programs (ME)
  • North American Quitline releases new Quality Improvement Initiative Issue Paper
  • Effectiveness of stop-smoking medications: findings from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Four Country Survey
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  • Creek chief, Fallin sign compact governing sale of tobacco on tribal land
  • New publications from the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium
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Tobacco Industry News

  • Tobacco companies spending less on promotion
  • Reynolds adds aids to stop smoking
  • E-cigs gaining ground: Survey shows segment's growth, retailer optimism
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Health Effects of Tobacco

  • Brain bleeds more common in smokers, research shows
  • UF researcher in Jacksonville finds cigarettes squelch good cholesterol
  • Why children of smokers are sicker
  • Tobacco smoke tied to flu complications in kids
  • Link between secondhand smoke exposure and memory problems
  • Teen obesity linked to mom's smoking in pregnancy: Study
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  • One in five U.S. adults smoke, tied for all-time low
  • Special journal issue: Impact of tobacco control on lung cancer mortality in the United States over the period 1975–2000
  • Home stress, work stress linked with increased smoking
  • Current tobacco use among adults in the United States: Findings from the National Adult Tobacco Survey
  • New survey: Indonesia has highest male smoking rate in the world (Indonesia)
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Save the Date

  • Webinar: Current Trends in "Roll-Your-Own" Tobacco Regulation
  • Webinar: Implications for Global Quitlines of a Recent Study on NRT and Quitline Counseling in England
  • Webinar: The National Asian Quitline: A Tobacco Cessation Resource for Asian-language Speakers
  • Summit on Tobacco Policy
  • Webinar: Implementing Evidence-based Interventions within Healthcare Systems
  • Webinar: Implementation of the Affordable Care Act: Next Steps for Tobacco Control
  • American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting
  • 5th Annual Ottawa Conference: State of the Art Clinical Approaches to Smoking Cessation
  • Clearing the Air: An Institute for Policy Advocacy, VIII
  • CADCA's 2013 National Leadership Forum
  • Society for Research in Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT) Annual Meeting
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Job Announcements

  • China Programs Associate
  • Program Officer, International Grants (South/Southeast Asia)
  • Project Director
  • Coordinator, Tobacco Control Program
  • Project Director, Internet Tobacco Vendor Study
  • Research Scientist 5 (Epidemiology) / Director, Comprehensive State Tobacco Control Program
  • Health Education Coordinator
  • Country Director — Indonesia
  • Challenge Big Tobacco Organizer
  • Outreach Coordinator
  • Head of International Social Media
  • Bilingual Spanish-English Tobacco Treatment Specialist
  • Program Coordinator
  • Health Communications Coordinator
  • Policy Director
  • Country Director
  • Program Manager, West Virginia Tobacco Quitline
  • Program Coordinator
  • Director of Programs
  • Jobs at the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP), Various
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  • Model Practices 2013 application coming this fall
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Other Announcements

FDA Announcements:

  • Compliance check inspections of tobacco product retailers
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