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November 2012

Secondhand Smoke

  • Smoking in cars produces harmful pollutants at levels above WHO indoor air quality standards
  • Smoke-free workplace leads to fewer heart attacks
  • Secondhand smoke and smoke-free policies in owner-occupied multi-unit housing
  • Comprehensive smoke-free law coverage in the 50 largest U.S cities: 2000 and 2012
  • Indoor air quality at nine large-hub airports with and without designated smoking areas
  • North Dakota voters ban smoking in bars, indoor workplaces (ND)
  • Two years later, few flout smoking ban (SD)
  • Smoking bans cut number of heart attacks, strokes
  • Current tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure among women of reproductive age — 14 countries, 2008–2010
  • Smoke-free laws database (Canada)
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Tobacco Pricing

  • Health coalition to call for $1 increase in Maryland's tobacco tax (MD)
  • Missouri keeps tobacco tax as the lowest in the nation (MO)
  • Cigarette prices to rise on navy ships (Australia)
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Other Policy

  • American Journal of Preventive Medicine supplement: "Minnesota's Investment in Applied Tobacco Control Research: Findings to Inform Practice and Policy"
  • Research shows tobacco's price is largest factor in reducing smoking prevalence (MN)
  • Many health insurance plans fall short in covering tobacco cessation treatments mandated by health reform law, study finds
  • SOPHE's guide to effectively educating state and local policymakers
  • ASH: Big tobacco buys big political influence
  • Obama administration gives smokers a way out of higher insurance premiums
  • Draft protocol to eliminate illicit trade in tobacco products
  • Tobacco firm may have breached packaging laws (Australia)
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Youth Prevention

  • Young people tuning in to YouTube for little cigar promotions
  • Kids who smoke menthol more likely to get hooked
  • Cigar, cigarillo, and little cigar use among current cigarette-smoking adolescents
  • Teen smoking has fallen across most of U.S.: Report
  • Uncle Sam to start tracking tobacco use in movies aimed at kids
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Tobacco-Related Disparities in Specific Populations

  • Addressing tobacco use in homeless populations: A survey of health care professionals
  • Cigarette warning label policy alternatives and smoking-related health disparities
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  • Cell phone messages may help smokers quit
  • Tobacco Atlas estimates 1 billion people will die worldwide during 21st century if they don't quit smoking
  • How employers impact their bottom line by helping employees quit smoking
  • Project UNIFORM: Building military-civilian partnerships to end tobacco use (CA)
  • Georgia Tobacco Use Prevention Program is promoting nicotine replacement therapy (GA)
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  • Federal approaches to the regulation of non-cigarette tobacco products
  • U.S. judge orders tobacco companies to admit deception and tell the truth to the American people
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Tobacco Industry News

  • Pro-smoking apps for smartphones: the latest vehicle for the tobacco industry?
  • FDA accepting public comments on R.J. Reynolds' Citizen Petition
  • Cigarette prices could rise in December
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Health Effects of Tobacco

  • Link between smoking and cataracts discovered
  • Women who quit smoking do live longer
  • Smoking raises risk of squamous cell carcinoma of the skin in women
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  • Issue brief: The Emergence of New Smokeless Tobacco Products
  • Issue brief: Big Tobacco's Next Frontier
  • Current cigarette smoking among adults — United States, 2011
  • Smokers miss work more often, cost workplaces billions: Study
  • Who smokes most: A surprising map of smoking rates by country
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Save the Date

  • Webinar: Helping Smokers Quit: 2012 Report
  • Webinar: Pharmacotherapy 101
  • Webinar: e-Quit: An Introduction to Web-Based Smoking Cessation Resources
  • Webinar: Meaningful Use and Tobacco Cessation: What You Need to Know
  • State of the Art Clinical Approaches to Smoking Cessation
  • CADCA's 2013 National Leadership Forum
  • Society for Research in Nicotine and Tobacco Annual Meeting
  • Clearing the Air: An Institute for Policy Advocacy, VIII
  • 2013 National Association of Local Boards of Health Annual Conference
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Job Announcements

  • Tobacco Treatment Program Health Educator
  • Associate Director, International Research
  • Community Mobilization Specialist / Public Policy Liaison
  • Principal Executive / Manager F Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Section Manager
  • Health Program Specialist I (HPS I)
  • Assistant Director, Youth Activism
  • Quantitative Research Scientist (Public Health Focus)
  • China Programs Associate
  • Project Director, Internet Tobacco Vendor Study
  • Health Education Coordinator
  • Country Director — Indonesia
  • Head of International Social Media
  • Health Communications Coordinator
  • Policy Director
  • Country Director
  • Program Manager, West Virginia Tobacco Quitline
  • Director of Programs
  • Jobs at the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP), Various
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Requests for Proposals

  • Call for Proposals: Public health services and systems research
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Other Announcements


  • Fundamentals of Evaluation web-based course – registration now open!
  • Public comment opportunity: Meaningful Use Stage 3 draft recommendations
  • I'm Your Community Guide! Contest
  • HHS launches new website
  • Tobacco Portal website launch
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FDA Announcements:

  • Call for nominations: FDA-CTP's Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee
  • Spanish pledge widget to protect kids from tobacco
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