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December 2012

Secondhand Smoke

  • Pediatrician interventions and thirdhand smoke beliefs of parents
  • National and state estimates of secondhand smoke infiltration among U.S. multiunit housing residents
  • Public comment period reopened: Smoke-free policies for multiunit and public housing
  • Videos: Fighting to eliminate "the casino worker's disease"
  • Indiana colleges look to revise campus smoking policies (IN)
  • DE officials celebrate 10th anniversary of smoking ban (DE)
  • Fargo bar owner says he'll exploit ‘loophole’ in state's new smoking ban (ND)
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Tobacco Pricing

  • Tobacco industry using coupons to keep women and young people addicted
  • As cigarette taxes go up, heavy smoking goes down
  • Genetics vs. tobacco taxes: The limits of public policy aimed at reducing smoking
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Other Policy

  • Annual report: The 1998 State Tobacco Settlement 14 years later
  • New Lung Association report shows policies needed to help smokers quit
  • Implementation of tobacco cessation coverage under the Affordable Care Act: Understanding how private health insurance policies cover tobacco cessation treatments
  • Alabama's largest employer to stop hiring smokers, dippers and chewers (AL)
  • More employers demand applicants quit smoking (OH)
  • New Vermont tobacco legislation bans e-cigarette sales to minors and extends display restrictions (VT)
  • Plain cigarette packaging begins in Australia (Australia)
  • Brazil's smoking population reduced by half (Brazil)
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Youth Prevention

  • Teenage hookah smoking rates must be reduced, experts say
  • 'Hiding' cigarettes in stores might keep kids from smoking: Study
  • Teen girls who smoke may up risk for future bone disease
  • New survey shows U.S. youth smoking rates fell to record lows in 2012
  • Addicted and conflicted: New national survey shows teens want to quit smoking
  • Request for public comments: Draft recommendation on interventions to prevent tobacco use in children and teens
  • Illegal tobacco sales to minors makes historic decline (HI)
  • Wisconsin youth smoking drops to all-time low (WI)
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Tobacco-Related Disparities in Specific Populations

  • Why African American youth smoke less, but are at higher long-term risk
  • Fact sheets for women in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Spanish
  • Updated National Networks for Tobacco Control and Prevention website
  • Asian Smokers' Quitline now available nationwide
  • Dissemination report: Tobacco control in LGBT communities
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  • Is life better after quitting smoking?
  • Public comment opportunity: Meaningful Use Stage 3 draft recommendations
  • Quitline Service Offering Models: A Review of the Evidence and Recommendations for Practice in Times of Limited Resources
  • Tobacco cessation and behavioral health course
  • QuitPal: An innovative app to quit smoking
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  • Federal Court upholds Providence, RI, measures to reduce tobacco sales to kids (RI)
  • US tobacco companies, 17 states settle over payments
  • Court denies rehearing on cigarette warnings
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Tobacco Industry News

  • WHO report on tobacco industry interference
  • Campaigns for e-cigarettes borrow from tobacco's heyday
  • FDA review of tobacco products grinds to a halt
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Health Effects of Tobacco

  • Smoking in pregnancy tied to lower reading scores
  • Secondhand smoke increases risk of invasive meningococcal disease in children
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  • State Health Officer's Report on Tobacco Use and Promotion (CA)
  • Sortable risk factors and health indicators
  • America's Health Rankings report
  • Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study
  • Health, United States, 2011: In Brief
  • Global report on cigarette package health warnings
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Save the Date

  • Webinar - Helping Children Breathe: Effective Strategies to Reduce Tobacco Smoke Exposure for Children with Respiratory Illness
  • State of the Art Clinical Approaches to Smoking Cessation
  • CADCA's 2013 National Leadership Forum
  • Through with Chew Week
  • Great American Spit Out
  • Society for Research in Nicotine and Tobacco Annual Meeting
  • Kick Butts Day
  • Clearing the Air: An Institute for Policy Advocacy, VIII
  • NACCHO Annual 2013
  • National Summit on Smokeless & Spit Tobacco
  • 2013 National Association of Local Boards of Health Annual Conference
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Job Announcements

  • O'Neill Law Fellows
  • Public Health Research Director
  • Program Administrator, Workplace Wellness Program
  • Health and Equity Fellowships
  • Tobacco Control Project Specialist
  • Manager, Health Education Technology
  • Assistant Director for Tobacco Cessation and Training Program
  • Health Educator, Tobacco Treatment Program / Community Health Educator II
  • Tobacco Treatment Program Health Educator
  • Associate Director, International Research
  • Principal Executive / Manager F Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Section Manager
  • Health Program Specialist I (HPS I)
  • Assistant Director, Youth Activism
  • Health Education Coordinator
  • Country Director — Indonesia
  • Head of International Social Media
  • Health Communications Coordinator
  • Policy Director
  • Country Director
  • Program Manager, West Virginia Tobacco Quitline
  • Director of Programs
  • Jobs at the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP), Various
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Requests for Proposals

  • Julius B. Richmond new investigator grants
  • 2013 CATCH Planning, Implementation, and Resident Grants
  • 2013 Visiting Lectureship Program
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Other Announcements


  • Register for TTAC's Fundamentals of Evaluation web-based course
  • 2013 Protecting Children and Families from Tobacco: Leadership Advocacy Training – Call for applications now open
  • I'm Your Community Guide! Contest
  • New and improved global tobacco control website
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FDA Announcements:

  • Public comment opportunity: Respond to RJR's citizen petition on warning labels
  • Public comment opportunity: FDA reopens docket on graphic warning labels
  • Comment deadline extended: FDA Actions Related to Nicotine Replacement Therapies and Smoking-Cessation Products
  • New form for reporting potential tobacco product violations
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