Introduction to Tobacco 101
Welcome to TTAC’s Tobacco 101! Tobacco 101 is a self-guided web-based tutorial that provides the information and resources necessary to understand why tobacco use is considered the #1 preventable cause of death in the US, as well as the evidence-based and promising strategies that can reduce tobacco’s toll. You can benefit from this course whether you are new to tobacco control and need an introduction to key topics, or are an experienced professional looking to refresh and update your knowledge.
Tobacco 101 was revised in the spring of 2013 to contain the latest information, resources, and tools available. The user-friendly self-guided format allows you to complete the tutorial at your own pace and explore the various external resources and tools as needed. Tobacco 101 is organized into two parts comprised of four lessons each. Optional review questions are offered at the end of each lesson to allow you to check your understanding of the content, try some of the resources, and reflect on how the information applies to your role in tobacco control.
To get started with the Tobacco 101 tutorial, click on one of the links below . You can start at the beginning and read through the course from beginning to end or simply elect those sections that are of greatest interest.
Part 1: Introduction to Prevention and Control of Tobacco Use

Part 2: Reducing the Problem of Tobacco Use

TTAC also provides tailored, on-site Tobacco 101 trainings for organizations who want to include it in conferences and workshops.  To request a TTAC trainer, contact us at